Gabe Zichermann; founder of Gamification Co and co-author of Gamification by Design and Game-based Marketing

How games make kids smarter (

Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification

Jesse Schell;  professor of entertainment technology and game design at Carnegie Mellon University and author of The Art of Game Design

Jesse Schell @ DICE2010 (Part 1)

Jesse Schell @ DICE2010 (Part 2)

Jesse Schell @ DICE2010 (Part 3)

Amy Jo Kim; PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, and author of Community Building on the Web

Putting the Fun in Functional: Applying Game Mechanics to Functional Software

Smart Gamification: Seven Core Concepts for Creating Compelling Experiences

Jane McGonigal; Director of Game Research & Development at Institute for the Future and author of the book Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make us Better and How they Can Change the World

Gaming can make a better world (

Tom Chatfield; associate editor at Prospect magazine and author of Fun Inc

 7 ways games reward the brain (

Sebastian Deterding; PhD researcher in Communication at the Graduate School of the Research Center for Media and Communication, Hamburg University

What your designs say about you (

Seth Priebatsch; Grundare till spelbolaget SCVNGR

The game layer on top of the world (



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